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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Electric Fan Heaters

Well the weather has finally turned.  It's gone cold, if you are reading this then I think you must have clicked on a wrong link or something...

Surely you should be looking for Electric Fan Heaters instead?

The thing about the Electric Fan Heater is you have to know what it can do!  They rely on small amounts of heat being added to the air and any time and as such for it to warm a room up, the room has to be well insulated, the room has to be quite small and you have to give it time!

A 3 kW heater, is the most you can get off a standard 230v domestic socket, but the most that will heat is a reasonable insulated ten foot square room.  I still get people sticking them in massive draughty warehouses and asking why don't 'heat it up' ?

In the scale of things 3kW is next to nothing heatwise - it's 10,000 BTU.  If you have a big room, think burning a fuel or think 3 phase!