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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Water Cooled Split Portable Air Conditioner or Monobloc Portable Air Conditioner?

The normal standard configuration for a portable air conditioner is a monobloc.  These are a single box, with two air intakes, and two outlets, one outlet for hot air and one for cool air.  Obviously the hot air should be ducted out of the room with flexible or fixed ducting.

The monobloc, or standard type uf unit such as the MCM230 Portable Air Conditioner, a modern, more powerful version of the MCM20 Portable Air Conditioner , the MCM280 Portable Air Conditioner a more powerful version still, or the 35,000 btu MCM350 Portable Air Conditioner the most powerful portable air conditioner which will run on a standard domestic 13A socket are all great machines.

Smaller domestic, plastic bodied portable air con units tend to only allow ducting of up to two or three metres. The MCM range allow ducting of 7 Metres making them much more flexible, they also have a large water collection tank, making emptying less frequent.

Sometimes you need to duct the hot air further still, it can be done with inline fans and similar, but a better solution is the water cooled split portable air conditioner. This unit is connected by a three pipe, one cable, umbilical to an outdoor unit.  The umbilical can be extended to 30 Metres and carries cold water in, hot water out, power for the outdoor unit and all condensate water.

In addition to the extra distance they can be located within a building, the smaller hole requirements for heat extraction (Ducting vs umbilical hose) and the lack of a requirement to empty the water tank - the water cooled split is more efficient.  Where a monobloc  sucks 100% air into the machine, 50% into the hot side and 50% into the cold side, it only pushes 50% back into the room, while 50% is shoved out the exhaust duct to get rid of the heat.  This negative pressure can cause the room to suck small amounts of warm air through any air holes or doorways or similar.  A water cooled split portable air conditioner however recirculates 100% of the air in the room, 100% goes in and 100% goes back into the room, maintaining a neutral air pressure and stopping the problem of warm air being drawn into the room.

The Water Cooled Split is also a quieter machine.

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