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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Monobloc portable air conditioners cause negative air pressure.

There is a problem with monobloc portable air conditioners, these are normal kind of thing you buy with a tumble dryer hose on the back to pump out the hot air.

The problem is their efficiency.  Firstly, if you have a long hose passing through the room - it's going to radiate a certain amount of heat back into the room. 

Secondly, because of the 100% it draws in, being split into two halves, and one half being heated then pumped outside - they cause slight negative air pressure in the room.  What this means is wherever the room is not air tight, air from a neighbouring warm room will be pulled in reducing the cooling efficiency.

The easy way to tackle these problems is to use a water cooled split portable air conditioner such as the MCWCS250.  Sometimes this might not be practical or affordable though - so what can you do to reduce the problems?

Firstly, insulate the exhaust hose - particularly if it trails around the room, and have as little exhaust hose in the room as possible.

Secondly, think about where the air drawn in by the negative pressure is likely to come from - if there are two doors to the area and one leads to a cooler place than the other - consider openind the door to the cooler are and taping around the other door to seal it.  This will actually aid efficiency if the cooler area is sufficiently cool rather than harm it.

Given the high cost of running air conditioners, due to the big power requirements, it's important to have them running as efficiently as possible, and this can require an understanding of how the various types of unit work, and a little thought.

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