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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

More about me.

So apart from writing technical jargon about portable cooling who am I ?  What do I like doing?

Well, I spend a good portion of my spare time writing star wars fanfic on a star wars roleplaying board.  Which is good fun, though the board is a little down on members at the moment. 

I've been an avid  video games player for over 30 years and I have recently started getting into Lego, in particular Lego Design by me .

I also have a bit of a hobby in websites, I operate several information sites one on supercharging Mazda MX5's and MX5 Turbo.  There's one about taekwondo a martial art I have a second degree Black Belt in, but not trained for a while.

Then there's my site about house building which is based on personal experience of building my own house.  There's more actually... I have a lot of websites and blogs and things...

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